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Financial Statement Suite Add-on v4.1

September 1, 2022

In version 4.1, the Financial Statement Suite add-on delivers more automation with a fresh interface, accelerating the speed and quality of your financial statement procedures. Improved to reduce repetitive and manual tasks, optimize team communication, and improve reviewing process. 


In this blog, we will deep dive into what updates are released within the Financial Statement Suite version 4.1 and how you can benefit from it.


In case you are new here and don't know what DataSnipper is:

DataSnipper is an intelligent audit platform within Excel that accelerates the speed and quality of your audit. Specialized in automating and easily documenting tests of details, tests of controls, walkthroughs, and financial statement procedures.


The Financial Statement Suite is a separate paid add-on module. The Financial Statement Suite automatically analyzes the financial statement and helps to both perform and document all financial statement procedures extremely fast, while relying on the auditor's judgment – improving standardization and the overall quality of service.


What's new in the Financial Statement Suite add-on?

Automated tickmarks 

Fewer clicks, more automation. When you are verifying mathematical accuracy, internal consistency, and prior-year consistency, DataSnipper now automatically places the tickmarks for you. Automated tickmarks save you time by eliminating manual and repetitive work. You have more time to focus on critical findings, increasing the overall quality of your financial statement procedures. 

Customize tickmarks

Optimized to strengthen your documentation, users can now create custom tickmarks. By adding custom tickmarks, you can conform to your organization’s documentation standards. Custom tickmarks help audit staff to effectively document their findings.


Findings Sidebar

The new Findings Sidebar allows you to quickly spot the errors in your financial statement. Once DataSnipper analyzes your financial statement, it will provide the parts that contain errors on the findings sidebar. You can easily navigate through the findings, adjust tickmarks and add comments. The sidebar helps you to keep on track, focusing on high-risk areas.


Easily switch between versions

The new version tab allows you to switch between financial statement versions, keeping track of your tick & tie process. All applied tickmarks are transferred to the newest version, making sure to save all your work for you.


Navigate through comments

Teamwork makes the dream work. With the comments tab, you can navigate through all comments. The comments you and your colleagues add in the financial statement are visible to everyone. Optimized for easy and quick communication.


Version Comparison

With the new version comparison, spotting differences on financial statements has never been easier! You can export the findings to your Excel workbook as Snips and easily investigate what was removed or included in the new version.


Curious how DataSnipper can bring value to your company? Check out BDO NL's success story on gaining 3x efficiency by using the Financial Statement Suite on their financial statement procedures.

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Happy Snipping! 

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