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Everything you need to know about The Financial Statement Suite v6.0

February 22, 2024

Introducing the latest version of the DataSnipper Financial Statement Suite, delivering new features and improvements guaranteed to boost the quality of your financial statement procedures.

Below we’ll walk you through the latest updates to show you exactly what you can expect from DataSnipper Financial Statement Suite version 6.0.

In case you're new to DataSnipper:

Drive company growth and resilience with DataSnipper’s AI-powered Intelligent Automation Platform in Excel that helps boost productivite and increase efficiencies in your audit and finance procedures.

The Financial Statement Suite is our add-on module that is designed to perform and review financial statements. With the FSS, say hello to improved financial statement quality, and increased efficiencies.

What's new in the DataSnipper Financial Statement Suite?

Introducing new Homepage - Centralize your workspace

With the Version 6 of the Financial Statement Suite, we are thrilled to introduce a new simplified and efficient homepage for quick access to your work.

All your work with FSS is now centralized in one location, from where you can access Financial Statement Reviews. The Homepage exclusively stores your personal projects; Your organization or team will not have access to your work unless you share it with them. FSS also automatically saves your work so you can quickly pick up where you left off without losing progress.

Import and Export Financial Statements

Now, sharing your work on Financial Statements is easier than ever!

  • Say goodbye to sharing separate files back and forth
  • You can now export financial statements you have worked on to share with your team
  • Your team can import the statements, view all the checks made by the you and pick up where you left off

Simplify your workspace and streamline your processes!

Introducing Built-in Calculator - Instantly verify calculations!

Meet the latest built-in calculator in the Financial Statement Suite!

You can now quickly verify numbers and spot errors on your financial statements.

  • Next to the auto-sum function, users can add, subtract, multiply, divide, and check for the % deviation between the two numbers.
  • The improved FSS calculator allows you to perform complex calculations, and ensure accuracy and efficiency in assessing your financial statements.

Improved Internal Consistency - More accurate than ever before

Experience an elevated Internal Consistency checks with DataSnipper Financial Statement Suite v6. With improved algorithms, Internal Consistency checks are now more accurate than before. The FSS provides deeper assurances for checks and balances, which in-turn allows you to automate for higher quality and accuracy in Financial Statement Reviews.

Improved Tickmark Experience - Now, just in a few clicks

Say hello to a new and improved end-to-end experience of placing tickmarks! DataSnipper now offers a more simplified way to apply tickmarks that allows you to perform your checks and balances prior to any tickmark placement. You can view detailed tickmark information in a pop-up window and choose what tickmark to apply.

  • For non-suggested tickmarks you can now conduct due investigations into the balance details
  • Leave comments, add references and create custom tickmarks
  • Tickmark get placed only once you’ve chosen the tickmark and left the panel

Strengthen your documentation with full flexibility!

See it in action!

👉 Would you like to see The Financial Statement Suite live in action? Book a demo now!

👉 Already using DataSnipper? Upgrade to version 6.0 by contacting your Customer Success Manager to learn more about the installation process.

Happy Snipping!

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