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January 26, 2024

Every audit and finance prodessional around the world deserves to experience the joy and excitement of placing their first Snip. To make this possible, we have exciting news for you:

You can now get DataSnipper directly from our website!

We understand the challenges you’ve been facing with repetitive and time-consuming tasks in audit and finance procedures. That's why we're offering you the chance to experience firsthand how DataSnipper can unlock efficiencies in your workflow.

With our Basic Package, you now have a chance to dive into the essential features of DataSnipper designed to boost your efficiency.

Discover DataSnipper Essentials

Snip Toolbar
  • Use the Document Organizer to import, rename and manage your source documents
  • With Search and Snip,  search and extract pinpointed data across all your imported documents
  • Use Text Snip to extract information directly from source documents
  • Sum Snip can quickly total numbers on your source document
  • Leverage Validation Snip to placing data verification checks
  • In contrast, use Exception Snip to flag inconsistencies
  • Table Snip effortlessly captures data from tables and extracts it directly into your Excel workbook
  • DataSnipper’s OCR technology can read data from scanned images, documents and even handwritten texts

Whether you're dealing with invoices, bank statements, or complex financial reports, DataSnipper is here to simplify your audit and finance procedures. You also have access to your Metrics Dashboard. Manage your account, view your usage and strategize how you can the most of DataSnipper!

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Try it out for yourself - The 14-day trial is a fantastic new opportunity to see how DataSnipper can fit into your daily operations and make a real impact. Join the community of 500,000+ audit and finance professionals who are turning manual tasks into efficient, impactful work.

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