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Introducing new Platform Packages and Features

April 28, 2023

The concept for DataSnipper started in 2017. A simple promise to help an auditor challenged by the manual, repetitive tasks they faced every day. Since these beginnings, DataSnipper has grown into a leading Intelligent Automation Platform within Excel for more than 500,000 audit and finance professionals globally. In that journey, we’ve stayed true to our promise to make every Audit and Finance professional in the world more successful and impactful.


To build on this promise, we have exciting news to announce!

Introducing Basic, Professional, and Enterprise packages

From May 2023 we will launch three new platform packages: Basic, Professional, and Enterprise, designed to provide the best solution for our customer’s unique needs, whatever their size, industry, or goals. All boasting powerful levels of automation, varying in features, team size, and support services, allowing us to better equip teams with everything they need to save even more time and increase quality with DataSnipper.

With Basic offering essential automation and documentation tools for smaller teams; Professional and Enterprise allow organizations the flexibility to utilize the platform at a larger scale. Built with advanced options, analytics, and access to our full suite of automation tools, you will experience the value of the DataSnipper platform across a variety of use cases and teams.

DS Packages


But that’s not all of our news, in addition to our packages, we are also launching a range of new features that come with them, including must-have tools to improve collaboration and standardization with DataSnipper. These new features are shipped with DataSnipper version 5.1.


Introducing Invoice Extraction

Automatically extract data from invoices such as invoice ID, invoice date, the amount due, and many more with Invoice extraction. Help your team become less prone to errors by leveraging OCR to automatically recognize and extract data fields.

InvoiceExtractionResult (1)


Introducing External Guest Access

Boost collaboration with External Guest Access. External Guest Access allows people outside your organization to easily validate and review Snips in your Excel workbook. Simply hover over Snips to see the connected source documents, and review the findings, enabling seamless and continuous collaboration with users outside your organization.



Introducing Advanced Reporting

Drive adoption across your organization with Advanced Reporting. Exclusively available via the Enterprise package, chosen members can generate user-level and location-based granular reports to analyze Platform usage. Develop and implement custom adoption strategies per team or location, optimizing work processes and increasing engagement.



Introducing Company Templates

Instantly create, save, and share Company Templates across your organization to boost standardization and repeatability. Authorized users can share Templates across their organization, ensuring all users work on approved templates. Company Templates can be used in Form Extraction and Document Matching features exclusively available via the Enterprise Package.

Company templates


Continuous innovation

With a passion for innovation, we are dedicated to the continuous development of new features, researching, testing, and releasing new solutions and technologies to enable financial professionals to thrive. To keep an eye on our roadmap, or even add in new requests yourself, check out our page here and have a hand in shaping the future of intelligent automation in Excel.

The next step on the DataSnipper journey is an exciting one, we’re thrilled to see what these customizable options will offer customers.


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To learn more about our packages and new features and see these in action, book a demo. If you are already a DataSnipper customer and have a question about these packages and features, reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more information.


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