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Accelerate your Audit and Finance teams’ productivity

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Collaborate up to 3x more efficiently with a centralized workplace in Excel



Reduce menial tasks up to 90% with intelligent automation



Drive business impact and growth by boosting cost-efficiency by 50%
External Audit

Add value for your clients by automating for efficiency.

Internal Audit

Efficiently evaluate the effectiveness of your controls.


Scale your Tax procedures by automatically extracting data.

Financial Control

Automate and standardize document processing.

Government Audit

Conduct high-quality audits with full transparency.


Seamlessly identify and extract key data.

What’s the big deal?

Repetitive tasks

Audit and Finance teams waste valuable time by manually performing repetitive tasks, while executing financial procedures; decreasing overall turnaround time.

Documentation chaos

Sharing, reviewing, and validating underlying financial evidence is complex and chaotic. Time and overall quality of work are lost in this process.

Increased workload

Increasing requirements and reporting needs; the pressure on teams drives ”error blindness", avoiding documentation standards, decreasing quality of work.

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Reduce risk, 

boost productivity
Documenting audit and finance procedures in Excel was never this easy. Automatically extract, cross-reference and validate the source document of any audit and finance procedure.
Maximize efficiency with automation
Multiply your efforts, while staying in control. Eliminate repetitive tasks at scale, while embracing new challenges in the fast-changing audit and finance industry.
“DataSnipper provides major efficiency improvements and is offering features that truly support our teams in delivering high-quality work.”
Mathias Bunge
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Drive impact with
Extract, cross-reference, and document the source of any audit and finance procedure directly in Excel. Drive collaboration by connecting the dots in one workspace.
"To have a platform that is praised by staff, managers and partners alike is a win!"
Paul Vetrone
Audit Transformation Director
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Boost productivity with standardization
Standardize your audit and finance procedures in Excel. Implement a single source of truth across people, teams, and functions to increase the quality of your work.
“DataSnipper consolidates my workpaper into a single Excel file which made the testing workpaper much more presentable to the reviewers.”
Jun Park
International Auditor
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