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Automatically extract and cross-reference supporting documentation to your audit sample


With DataSnipper you can cross-reference Excel with supporting evidence, such as PDFs, images, MS Word, and Excel files. The referenced files are stored in the workbook, allowing for a simple and efficient review of audit procedures.

Document Matching

Automatically match Excel data with supporting documents, such as invoices, bank statements, and contracts. This AI-powered feature will find the correct text, date and/or number in a source document, automatically creating a reference to your sample data.

Document Matching Templates

Configure your Document Match only once! Save your setup as a template for future use. Share your templates across your organization, standardizing audit procedures company-wide. Leverage Featured Templates, a set of templates for the most common audit procedures.

Form Extraction

Use DataSnipper to extract relevant data from documents with the same layout. Simply Snip all data fields from one document and DataSnipper applies the same logic to other documents. It's like a robot that multiplies your efforts.

Form extraction Templates

Instantly create, save, and share Form Extraction Templates. Import similarly structured documents to your template and automatically extract the required data fields. Share your template across your organization, increasing efficiency for everyone!

Find all sums

With 'find all sums', you can automatically verify the mathematical accuracy of a financial document. DataSnipper will analyze all numbers to find potential sums. Easy to review, while saving time.

Table Snip

With the ‘Table Snip’, you can easily extract tabular data from PDFs into Excel. Multi-page table extraction allows you to analyze large PDF reports with single click.

Search & Snip

Forget about spending hours selecting individual documents. With the smart search panel, you can instantly search through all of your imported documents and directly Snip data from the search panel across different documents.

Document Viewer

No more switching between tabs. Analyze your source documents next to your sample data directly in Excel. Easily search through your source documents and quickly snip data directly from the document viewer using the Snipping toolbar.

Document Organizer

Introducing a one-stop shop for your supporting documents. Separate documents into folders in an organized manner. Increase efficiency with drag-and-drop options; use the search bar to identify your documents in an instant.

Document Management

Easily remove all or specific documents from your Excel workbook, before saving the workbook in your audit file. For example due to compliance regulations or just to clean up your workbook.

Automatic Text Recognition

With ‘Text Recognition’, you can recognize text on scans and images. This enables you to search and extract text. It works on all languages (English to Korean) and also recognizes handwriting. No need to copy paste anything.

Metrics dashboard

Metrics Dashboard provides key performance indicators of your audit teams’ DataSnipper Platform usage. These metrics help managers to understand the adoption rates, keep track of audit teams’ performance, pinpoint areas to improve and measure the impact of DataSnipper.

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